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Published: 08th September 2008
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Amrita Island! There is very little known and written about Amrita Island as a place; and few people realize that it's rather special despite the lack of festivals and whatnot that traditionally characterize a nice place to visit. Amrita Island is by no means a place that really, truly attracts tourism what with it being pretty much residential for the most part. Nevertheless, Amrita Island is one heck of a hometown to come from - it's a nice, quiet enough place in which it is ideal to raise your children. The community is small, but on the whole, wholesome.

Amrita Island, also known by different names like Amarita Island, Amrila Isle, Amrita Isle or Scraggy Neck, is pretty much an island that is a small part of Catumet (or Cataumet) Village's Squeteague Harbor. Catumet Village is, incidentally, in the town of Bourne, Massachusetts in the Barnstable County - where you find Buzzards Bay, Monument Beach, Sagamore Beach, and Pocasset. At the moment, there are supposedly several residential homes that are located in Amrita Island proper, though the community isn't quite large and instead promises comfortable spaces between properties.

So far, we have not found the official story as to why this residential area is called Amrita Island, and the best we can do for now is to try and speculate for ourselves the reason for the name choice.

To be sure, Amrita is such a pretty name for a place - and doesn't it sound exotic? But there is the question of what Amrita actually means and how it could possibly be used to describe Amrita Island not just in its geography, but possibly in its community. If we use a search engine, the first hit for the word "Amrita" would be a Wikipedia article that details the many uses of the Sanskrit word "Amrita". Literally, Amrita means "without death", although in many religious Indian contexts, it is pretty much a sort of nectar - a version of ambrosia. According to Hinduism, Amrita supposedly promises immortality to those who drink it. In Sikhism, it is the water used in a baptism ceremony; it is a holy water meant for drinking. Finally, in Buddhism, Amrita is also known as "Dutsi" - strongly associated with medicine that improve spiritual and physical well-being.

Why go to Amrita Island when it is in fact a residential place? Well, this is because it's bloody beautiful there, not to mention the fact that it offers a whole lot of rental homes that are ideal for your family vacation. Most of these rental homes have the benefit of being near the beach in the Cape Cod area, and have better than adequate amenities. There are waterfront homes that allow you to take in the beautiful waters surrounding Amrita Island. The beaches of Amrita Island also happen to have a reputation for nice, warm waters coupled with nice, cool breezes - who wouldn't want to rent a cottage for a vacation.

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